About Us

About Our Neerodai Team:

We are Neerodai Team and this is Maheswaran (Urs Neerodai Mahes), We are working to have more articles in our www.neerodai.com. Now We have created this portal to provide the articles for the categories are “Tamil Poems – தமிழ் கவிதைகள்”, “Environment – சுற்றுச்சூழல்”, “Photography –புகைப்படம்”, “Images Download – புகைப்படங்கள்”, “Self Motivational Quotes –  சுய முன்னேற்ற சிந்தனைகள்”, “Spiritual Quotes – ஆன்மீக சிந்தனைகள்”, “Child care”, “Line drawings”, “Paintings”, “Rangoli”, “Snapshots”, “Health care”, “Cooking Tips”, “Social Service”, Still more categories needs to be updated here.


Initially Neerodai (www.neerodai.com) created by Mahes (me)  in 2010 and started posting Tamil poems (Kavithai). We have received good responses / comments from the visitors (You people). So we have planned to start commercial site that include all kind of articles from various categories like tamil poems, stories, quotes, snaps, reactivities.


The intention to publish posts in our site is to make this as foundation in future and do some social activities. This is not created for earning money. Our goal is to publish more posts and let the readers to know more useful information. We are also having articles for “Astrology”, “Save Nature”, “Home Garden”, “Rare Photographs and we are making one new concept with is related to “Human body/science/nature etc”.

And We will be publishing more categories from January 2015. Our team planning is to support “Environment care with Central Govt”. And also we are going to start the research (R&D) on “Traditional cattle” and “Natural Farming”.